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Sky's Fireworks: A Montana Weekend Novella

Book Club Questions

1. How did the town of Willow shape Sky? In what ways did Kevin and Boone's childhoods differ from hers?

2. Which characters were truthful, and which were not? Is it okay to lie in order to reach a larger goal?

3. What did Sky's family think of Kevin? Or Boone? How important is it to you that your family approve who you date or marry?

4. What role do bars and saloons play where you live? Is it similar to the Cow in Willow, and is that a good or bad thing?

5. How does the fear of embarrassment hold Sky back? Why was Boone's viewpoint different?

6. Do you consider Sky's family close, or do you see them drifting apart?

7. Have you ever been certain what God has planned for you? Were you right or wrong?

Jen's Keeper: A Montana Weekend Novella

Book Club Questions

1. What did the Gilly Wave mean to Jen? Why do you think Jen’s family never bought her a boat of her own when she was younger?

2. After Paul’s car accident, what did Jen think her obligations were? Do you agree or disagree?

3. Jen felt as if she had no other choice than to be a fishing guide. How did that affect the way she felt about her job? How do you respond to the things that you “have to” do?

4. What do you think is the difference between dating and courting? What are the advantages of each?

5. What role does food play in getting people together? Do you say grace at every meal, and how important do you think it is?6. Do you like to go fishing or boating? Do you think hobbies can make good jobs? What are the disadvantages of making your avocation your vocation?

6. Do you like to go fishing or boating? Do you think hobbies can make good jobs? What are the disadvantages of making your avocation your vocation?

7. What did “peace like a river” mean to Jen? How did Jen come closer to finding that peace? How do you?

Meg's Best Man

Jen's Keeper

Sky's Fireworks

Meg's Best Man: A Montana Weekend Novella

Mother/Daughter Book Club Questions

1. Meg's art is her joy and her job. What do you think she had to accomplish to get that job? If you wanted to make money doing what you love, what would your job be, and what might it cost you to get it?

2. Gage is a male lead who has treated women dishonorably in the past. Do you think such people can make big changes in their life? How? Do big changes take time to stick? Should Meg trust Gage? Why or why not?

3. Meg's relationship with her mother is strained. Does her mother and father's missionary work play a role in that? How do you think parents should balance their missionary work and family responsibilities? Is the same true if a child feels called to a mission?

4. Meg's cousin Joshua is protective of her when it comes to dating. Do you think he is helpful to her or not? What role does her father play? What role do you think a Christian man should play in his family's "love life," if any?

5. Brie has the kind of looks and style that stand out in a crowd. Do you think Meg stands out in a crowd? From what you learned in the book, what did Gage find attractive about Meg?

6. Do you think Meg and Gage are in love, or is it too soon to tell? How do you know when ti's love? Have you ever been wrong?

7. Out of all the characters in the book, who do you think is doing the best job of living a life that brings glory to God? Why? What can you do to encourage each other to do the same?


Book club questions include spoilers. Stop here if you don't want to now how it all ends!